Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All of our bags are recyclable. We also encourage all of our customer to recycle the bags to help our planet.

Yes! All QHB products are made from kiln dried shavings.

Equine quality bedding only 
Minimal dust
Plastic bagged
No sticks, wood chunks or debris

Our products are rigorously sifted to eliminate as much dust as possible. This should help keep your horse safe from respiratory irritants.

With bagged shavings you get a consistent product. Quality control allows us to make sure you get the same product each order. Also, they are cleaner. With our rigorous screening process taking out the dust your barn and horses will be cleaner.  

South Carolina Mill

1900 Appleton Rd, Allendale, SC 29810

Texas Mill

Sales: 704.472.8085
Office: 903.665.2654
274 Old Colony Rd, Jefferson, TX 75657