February 11, 2019

New Products in Texas!

Queen Horse Bedding is proud to bring you an exceptional pine bedding line up for all of your shavings needs. 

As a family-owned company, it is our mission to provide top-quality shaving that will save you money and meet the needs of your animals. 

Our number one selling Easy Sift is an easy to clean, low dust fine bedding. With minimal waste during cleaning our Easy Sift is a money saver! 

Our pelleted bedding is a highly absorbent, kiln-dried pellet that absorbs moisture to expand and become an easy to clean bedding. 

We are excited to introduce our King Flake and Custom Blend options to our Texas facility. King Flake is clean, low dust, cushioning large flake available in a 9.5 cu ft bag. The Custom Blend will be a blend between our best selling Easy Sift and a medium flake to give you the best of both. The advantages of blended shaving include high absorbency, easy to clean and a bit of added cushion. 

We appreciate those who choose Queen and look forward to your continued business!

South Carolina Mill

1900 Appleton Rd, Allendale, SC 29810

Texas Mill

Sales: 704.472.8085
Office: 903.665.2654
274 Old Colony Rd, Jefferson, TX 75657