Queen Horse Bedding was started in 1998 owned by Skip and Elizabeth Queen. Elizabeth’s father owned a sawmill giving Queen Horse Bedding their first supplier. Since then Queen Horse Bedding has grown significantly providing shavings to a number of state and county owned event facilities, feed stores and individuals nationwide. Queen Horse Beddings’ goal is to provide the best quality product with the best customer service. The Queen Horse Bedding team works hard to make sure this goal is achieved everyday from production to delivery. With the expansion to TX in 2019, Queen Horse Bedding has continued to apply our core values to a new market to deliver the best bedding around.

Queen Horse Bedding closely monitors the manufacturing process used at our facilities providing a very consistent product that we are known for. We provide a clean, safe, low dust, functional, aromatic product that you can be confident in every time. 

The owners and staff at QHB are horse owners and competitors. We know what it takes to save you money, time and keep your investments safe. We are confident that our products will meet your expectations every day. 

South Carolina Mill

538 Multitex Street, Ulmer, SC 29849

Texas Mill

Sales: 903.930.1847
Office: 903.665.2655
274 Old Colony Rd, Jefferson, TX 75657